Friday, January 1, 2010

First Challenge

Happy New Year to everyone! This morning I reached for my stapler, which I use often for school and other things. It wouldn't work. I opened it, replaced the staples and still it wouldn't work. Normally, I would toss it in the trash and put it on my Wal-Mart list. But I can't do that - a stapler is a nondepletable. Uh-oh. How important is that stapler? I would really like to have it. It's a small item but a useful one. It wouldn't cost much to replace, but that's not the point. It isn't on the list of allowable items to purchase this year. So, what did I do? I asked my dear husband to take a look at it. At first he didn't think he could make it work again. And then I reminded him that it was not depletable. Funny how that motivates a person - five minutes later the stapler was working. We may discover some hidden talents around here!

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