Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Funny Substitutes

In talking with friends about our project, a discussion ensued about how to replace items if we need them. I mentioned my jaw pops and clicks and I joked that I need to see a dentist to replace some teeth. My friend (and he knows who he is) suggested "false teeth" were not depletable and I couldn't buy them but I might find some free ones at a local funeral home.

This got me thinking about other funny substitutes - what if our lawnmower breaks? I think goats would readily do the trick and they could provide cheese and milk, too!

What about the lamp in the living room? Well, candlelight is so romantic isn't it?

What about the toaster or the oven? George Foreman will become my new best friend.

No hammer? I have every size cast iron skillet and they would do the job.

Dishwasher on the blink? I have these two metal basins with a water supply that usually just hold dirty dishes but I think I could actually wash them there!

Microwave goes out? Cry.

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