Thursday, January 14, 2010

Turtle Trouble

We have a turtle - a red-eared slider. He is the aquatic variety and we love him.  His name is Twister.  Right before we started this shopping thin experiment his light stopped working at the top of his tank.  He requires a certain amount of light a day and therefore we knew we needed to get bulbs.  Unfortunately, light bulbs were not the problem after all.  There seemed to be a problem elsewhere because replacement bulbs did not solve our problem.  Thus, our little guy was still in the dark.  However, the new year was now upon us - now what?  The new tank light/case/cover was at least $20 and is certainly not depletable.  I have to give my husband credit here - he is creative!  We had an old reading lamp in the attic that has a clamp to attach it to whatever surface you happen to have.  He hooked it up to the table the turtle tank is on and presto! - We have light for our pet.  And get this - Twister loves this light much better than the one that came with the tank.  He sits on his rock basking in the "sunlight" and I swear I thought I saw him smiling!  Just one more example of how necessity is the mother of invention.

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