Monday, January 4, 2010


It's on sale, marked down 75% and I want it. What is it? Doesn't matter - this is when I love, love, love shopping online. After Christmas and through January I am usually online looking for deals and I always find them. My shopping cart might have over 20 items in it and I am paying less than $100.00. The brown boxes will arrive in less than two weeks and I will happily march them up the attic steps, labeled Christmas 2010. Satisfaction and calm will settle in over my good judgment at finding these extra special bargains and for being well prepared for the next Christmas season.

It is not happening this year. I cannot even visit the websites I normally go to for a little "window shopping" because I know where it will lead - and I just can't go there and stick to our plan. For those of you not 'shopping thin' I highly recommend Cabelas Bargain Cave - go and enjoy a little after-Christmas shopping for me, will you?

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