Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I sent my husband, Quade, a text yesterday afternoon letting him know I needed a couple of grocery items from the store - things I simply forgot to put on the list the other day. I obviously need to work on my list-making so that we are not making in-between trips unless it is absolutely necessary. Asking my dear husband to do this requires a little faith on my part. Although he is committed to our experiment this year and I know he wants us to succeed I also know that he is quite tempted by the clearance aisles. He is also our big DVD buyer so the idea of him going solo to the store is one that strikes a bit of fear in my heart. I held my breath as he walked in after his shopping trip and cautiously pulled each item from the white plastic bags. I am happy to report that he did GREAT! He only purchased what he was asked to purchase. He did admit, however, that it felt weird to him to go in and buy only food and leave. I am very proud of him today and this strengthened my resolve, as well.

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  1. So funny! I started at your most recent post and just before this one I thought ...DVDs. That's something I'd defintely have trouble not buying.... All this posts are great so far. :)). Lots of willpower. Defintely makes me want to try harder and not buy extra non depleteable or nonedible things. Wish me luck I'll need it:)~Loree