Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Like To Buy Books - Now What?

We think of our local library - The Benton County Public Libary - as an entertainment center, where practically everything and every activity is FREE! Our library is phenomenal and if any of you in the blogosphere think we live in a bustling metropolis with many more choices than other towns, think again. Our county may have 17,000 residents living here. However, our library is fantastic with many children's programs, computer access, videos, geneology studies, monthly art/craft shows, summer concerts and of course, books! Currently, they have been offering Saturday craft classes and the class plus supplies is completely free. Since I think of books as special treasures it is important to have a wonderful library with tons of books from which to choose. I sure won't be buying any this year since I can't eat them and they are not depletable!

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