Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Questions and Answers

I have been getting questions about the Avon I sell.  Do I buy it?  How can those things be depletable?  What do you do with the money you make from your sales? 
1.  I can only buy products for myself and family from Avon that are depletable just like anywhere else.  This would include deodorant, soap, and shampoo.  It can include makeup and lotions, etc. but ONLY if I have completely used up what I currently have.  If I still have blush then, NO, I cannot buy more blush.  What about mascara?  I usually have a rule of about 3 or 4 months on replacing mascara due to the buildup of bacteria that can start growing.  Much like a toothbrush, if it poses a health risk it probably needs to be replaced.  However, I found a container of mascara (a different brand) that has never been opened so I cannot replace my mascara from Avon until I have opened and used the other one for at least 3 months.
2.  I have said this before, but most of you know that when you are getting started in a business most every dime you make goes right back into the business.  However, even here expenses can be spared.  I do not have much extra product on hand because I cannot use my husband's income to fund my Avon business.  Money I make from Avon, therefore, funds any purchases necessary for my business or I simply do not buy it.  I keep close tabs on my inventory, bags, the number of catalogs I purchase to hand out, etc.  I may really love the handbags and the sandals and the .... but I cannot purchase them and I will not because I want to keep my integrity through this process.   

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