Sunday, January 2, 2011

The End of the Road

Well, it is the beginning of a new year!  Can't believe we actually went a whole year on such a strict buying guide, but we did it. What do we have to show for it you ask?  With the money we did not spend this year we were able to pay off a nearly $10,000 credit card debt.  In fact, the last payment will be made in a few days.  We were also able to pay cash for every thing we did purchase - food, gas, all bills, our summer vacation, etc.  Nothing was put on a credit card so no NEW accumulation of debt was incurred.  Are we going to go out on a shopping spree now?  No way!  Quade did buy a hammock for camping that he has been waiting to purchase this past year. We do need some clothing; however, the goal is to never purchase anything at full retail price ever again!  I am proud of my family, their sacrifices and their willpower.  If I could only harness that willpower to apply to my attempts at losing weight... but I digress.  This year will be focused on living thrifty.  I haven't come up with a title for a new blog yet but when I do I will let you all know.  Thank YOU for following us along on this journey and helping to hold us accountable. You all have been part of our success by making suggestions, giving us ideas and even donating clothing and other things to help get us through this year. We have learned a lot about what we want and what we really need. Happy New Year everyone and God Bless.