Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cotton Swabs and Such

I bought the cotton swabs - I also bought some razors. I wanted to leave them there but since this was my last day of shopping I splurged on those things. What will I think of tomorrow that I just have to have that I didn't buy? How will we make do for an entire year? What kind of crazy substitutes will we come up with? Someone recommended I use coffee filters for giving the kids snacks on instead of paper plates. You may argue that a paper plate is depletable; however, it isn't completely used up or gone when you are finished with it - it is very dirty and unusable, though. We have decided not to buy paper plates if at all possible so I tried the coffee filter thing with an afternoon snack for the boys and it worked fine. I am excited about what tomorrow will bring and I am especially excited to see how much money we are able to save over the next year. Happy New Year everyone!!!

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