Thursday, December 31, 2009

I am fighting the urge to go on a major shopping spree today. I began the morning hiding under my covers, the ones I know I will have to keep for the next year without replacing, thinking about things I will not be buying. The pressure is beginning to build about starting our new shopping thin program tomorrow. When I least expect it cotton swabs, crisp white socks and shiny dangly things begin to dance in my mind. A little voice whispers, "you really need to stock up." What am I going to do? I will let you know later - I do have to go out and face the shopping world today at some point because groceries are needed. Wish me luck! The ceiling fan in the living room has dust bunnies all over it and I keep thinking about this nifty cleaning device I saw three months ago... I am running low on scented candles - are those depletable? There's a new frame at a store I saw recently that would hold a picture of my boys beautifully. Oh, and that awesome lamp shade at... See what I mean?

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