Monday, December 28, 2009

Reality Bites

The truth is that we are over-indulgent, even on a single income. We attempt to save money but for one reason or another it just doesn't happen. The reasons are becoming clearer, though. We looked closely at our checkbook and it seems our local 'discount' store gets entirely too much of our hard-earned money. It's a popular one-stop locale with groceries and goods that practically jump off the shelves into our cart. We enter the store with a list, determined not to purchase anything that isn't expressly written down but we exit feeling deflated, defeated and demoralized because we strayed off the course. It would seem that a middle-ground approach like 'cutting back' will not be the answer for us. We have to go all-in, full force and totally stop purchasing anything that we can't eat or completely consume.


  1. Definitely a challenge, but I think it will be fun!


  2. It certainly will be a challenge....but sounds like a very good one especially in todays economic crisis and uncertainty. And what an awesome lesson to teach your children, I totally applaud you and will definitely follow your blog on this, and see if I can try and implement this in our life. Good job Sheila!