Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What the heck is a depletable anyway?

Define Depletable: Anything that can be completely used up. Sounds pretty basic so what falls under this category? Stuff like toilet paper and yes that is a big one. Others include soap, shampoo, toothpaste, detergents, pet foods, deodorant - you get the idea.

We also had to make a decision about whether other things would fall under this category such as printer ink - it may or may not be a necessity for your home but we need it and we feel that it is a product that is completely used up. You may be wondering about toothbrushes - we plan to get those when we go to the dentist. Otherwise, for purposes of hygiene, we would buy those if we needed them.

What does not fall under the depletable category? Clothes, shoes, toys, DVDs, CDs, games, decor, furniture, magazines, plastic sandwich bags, razors, bath sponges, gum, jewelry, accessories/handbags, hats, hunting supplies, flower seeds, purchased gifts, etc.

So what about birthdays and such? We will make gifts out of supplies we have. For instance, I have tons of craft supplies that I need to do something with. I also have gifts that I have received and never used - sounds like I have a good reason to re-gift those things now. If all else fails, because we are allowed to purchase food, I can always make a food gift/baked goods, etc.

A little bit of fear is creeping in over not having my little plastic sandwich bags. I need to remind myself why we are doing this, though - we truly want to be free from stuffitis and being held in a prison of our own making.