Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Love is in Season

It's coming - Valentine's Day, that is.  The stores are showcasing all their sweet delights, shiny red hearts and glitzy baubles to separate us from our money.  Can we show the ones we love how much we care without spending money?  We can do it without spending much.  Because we are limited to edibles and depletables, one thought for us to consider might be purchasing a favorite cake mix and frosting, along with some decorative sprinkles and make Valentine cupcakes together as a family.  We can also make our own cards for one another with the supplies I have on hand.  My husband and I are not ones to make a big deal over gift-giving to begin with.  For us, the time spent with one another and our children is what we long for most.  Of course, there should be a special gift between a husband and a wife on Valentine's Day - a little imagination goes a long way and a new red negligee is not required!

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