Friday, February 19, 2010

A Con? You Be the Judge...

I think I've been conned - by my husband and 7-year-old boy!  The other day my husband wanted to take Kelby squirrel hunting for the first time.  I saw a Wal-Mart bag with a $10.00 tag on it and realized it contained ammo for the hunting expedition.  I asked how ammunition qualified as a depletable.  Both began to 'explain' to me that once you fire that weapon you can't get the bullet back and that it can't be re-used and that it's gone for good.  They were both very serious and matter-of-fact, as though they were discussing the principles of nuclear physics with a colleague.  That should have been my first clue.  As I was distracted at the time, I let it go but later began to wonder about this.  The bullet is actually a shotgun shell, which by all accounts, does not disintegrate into thin air.  It just happens to be an empty shell afterward.  I think they've slipped one past me - was it worth it in the end?   The bonus in this situation, if I were looking for one, is that I didn't have to cook a rodent because the hunt was unsuccessful. They did have some nice father/son time, and Quade was able to teach Kelby a great deal about gun safety.  That's easily worth $10.00 in my book. How about yours?


  1. OK, think of it as buying a gallon of milk. When you use up all of the milk you still have the carton, it does not disintegrate. It could be that container of coffee creamer, once the creamer has been used up you still have the container. My solution is that you take the empty shotgun shell and make a Christmas ornament or add it to the other container collection until you come up with an idea to recycle it.


  2. Now that's a good idea - didn't think about using the shell for an ornament!!!!