Monday, March 1, 2010

To Co-op A Coop

"Here chick, chick, chick."   Is that the proper call when you want to round up chickens?  We will find out some time this summer.  That's right - we're going to get chickens.  Actually, a young lady at church who lives in the city limits would like to have some chickens for a project.  We have wanted chickens for a long time and now that our 2-year-old is getting a bit more independent, we think we are at the right time to go for it.  So, we are going to 'co-op' a coop with this young lady.  We will supply the housing and facilities, she will supply the chickens and the care of them.  In our rosy little world, we envision an adorable chicken coop, a window on the side to provide sun for the hens and to hold a window box of fresh herbs growing in it, the chickens pecking at the ground on a sunny day and our boys learning about farm life.  Our dogs will lazily admire them from afar, ever-protective of the little brood should danger approach in the way of a raccoon or coyote.  And then, whenever the time comes, eggs will be plentiful and life will be grand.  For those of you who have lived on a farm, you may have noted that I am a little 'green' when it comes to raising poultry and you may be chuckling to yourself.  I'm wildly popular for my rose-colored glasses, though, and don't plan on taking them off any time soon.  Let me live in my little bubble of chicken perfection for now.  Later you can laugh if I end up with egg on my face.

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