Thursday, April 1, 2010

Updates and Easter Blessings To You!

I have failed!  I failed the dessert fast I had going for the month of March.  I gave it up March 20th at our church's day retreat for women.  But I am happy about going 20 days without dessert.  Unfortunately, I can't say it made an impact on my waistline because it did not.  A reader of the blog challenged me on this and she was supposed to do it with me - she gave up before I did!  Oh well, we have learned something about ourselves - we are weaklings. 

On another front - the chicken coop.  I am excited to report that a very kind lady has offered us her old chicken coop - completely free.  My husband has been taking it apart slowly and is going to reassemble it on our property.  I have been told the chicks will be arriving in April but won't be ready for a coop for a little while after that.  This is very exciting for us because we didn't know how we would go about building a coop without spending any money at all and God has provided a way!

Lastly, Happy Easter everyone.  Beyond the Easter Baskets and the Easter Bunny, if you are spending time with little ones this weekend be sure to tell them the real Easter Story - Of Jesus, Our Savior, who died on a cross that we might live; but don't stop there - with great excitement, share with them the Resurrection of our Lord and how He can live in each of us if we only ask Him to.  Happy Happy Easter!

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