Tuesday, April 13, 2010


The boys have a camping trip coming up.  We have the basics like sleeping bags and a little Coleman grill/cooker thingie.  There are a couple of things the boys needed, though, that we cannot go buy.  We found that family and friends had all these things and then some.  They were glad to loan them out to us.  One item the 'other guys' will have that my guys won't have is a specialized hammock that closes up and allows a person to sleep comfortably in it all night - completely weatherproof and warm.  My guys are bringing a tent.  We are not trying to keep up with the Jones' so that's ok.  Tribal peoples have lived in less for generations.  I think my guys will survive in a tent for a couple of nights.  My littlest guy will not be going - just isn't ready for this kind of thing yet, but my oldest boy and husband should have a great time - on a shoestring budget and all.  Isn't that the point of going camping - take the bare essentials with little cost, encounter tons of trouble (ticks, mosquitoes, snakes, miserable sleep, etc.) - but with a few good stories to share and great memories to keep!

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