Monday, April 26, 2010

Clothing Swap

The bidding began at 10:05 and the clothing swap was on.  I wrote in an earlier post that a lady at our church suggested we do a clothing swap, whereby a group of ladies brings in clothing items that do not fit or they just don't want and swap them with other ladies to get "new-to-them" clothing at zero cost!  We had about 12-13 ladies participating in the actual swap, but we had many more who brought clothes to donate to whomever might take them, and they were really nice clothes.  We had a good variety of sizes involved in the swap and everybody had a great time.  We made up bidding paddles just for the fun of it and showcased the items available, allowing anyone interested in that item to bid on it.  After the 'bidding' we had snacks and tried on clothes.  Anything that didn't fit went back to the pile for someone else to claim if they wanted it.  Otherwise, the new-found treasures were theirs to keep.  Many ladies brought in handbags and purses, as well.  The whole thing lasted a couple of hours. If you are interested in having a clothing swap, there are many suggestions online of how to operate one.  The key is for everyone to agree to have a positive attitude, be supportive with their comments of how something might fit and look on someone else, and have fun with it.  Another important point is to make sure everyone brings in at least five articles of clothing to swap out and make sure they are in excellent condition and freshly laundered.  This was great for me because I am attempting to lose some weight and I needed some in-between size clothing to get me by.  Of course you all know clothing is definitely on the 'no-buying' list so I was thrilled to do this.  Just another example of how we can help each other out if we put our minds to it.  If you decide to do one of these with a group of friends or relatives, please let me know how it turns out for you.

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