Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Fever

Oh boy, now it's getting difficult.  This time of year I am usually picking out my favorite annuals and potting plants with bright flowers.  But cute little flowers are not on my list of edibles or depletables!  Yikes.  However, God does provide, even wants and not just needs.  Example:  The other day a couple of very nice ladies (sisters, in fact) were looking to get rid of some of their houseplants.  They loaded me down with beautiful plants - already potted and ready to go.  I am grateful for those. And, another lady gave me a ton of pots to use and chicken coop wire for our chicken coop (Thanks Ms. Shirley).  Also, I have started thinking about growing herbs.  They are certainly edible, quite fragrant and prolific!  However, I saw the cutest watering can, garden gloves and tool set the other day - just had to make myself keep walking, though.  This isn't easy for the boys either, I'm afraid.  They are noticing all the summertime toys in the stores - little wheelbarrows, pool toys, sand buckets - you name it!  And, I just know my husband is going to start talking about a new water hose any day now.  Can't wait til they all start asking for new summer clothes - Check out the list to the side for the new additions to our no-buying guide for spring/summer!  It's gonna be a tough one.

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