Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Well is Dry

My Avon money is all gone!  We attended a Homeschool Curriculum Fair in Nashville this past weekend and I spent all my Avon earnings on hotel accommodations and homeschool supplies/books, etc.  I have also given up my Avon business to pursue other interests so there won't be any extra money around for a while.  That's okay - it was fun while it lasted, and the little bit of money I made really helped out at the right time for the right thing - my son's education!  It also gave me the confidence to pursue our no-shopping experiment because it was like a security blanket.  If I really needed something - really, really needed it - I knew that I had a little extra something just in case of an emergency.  I never did 'need' it for any trinket I couldn't live without.  I never needed it for clothes or shoes.  I never needed it for a CD or DVD.  I am glad I had it for school books, though - not to mention the dissection-grade frog and crayfish we purchased.  Boy, I am sooooooo glad we were able to buy those last two items - what would we have done without that Avon money?

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