Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

 I hope everyone had a great mother's day.  I had to come up with something crafty this year. I have included a pic so you can see the flower on top of the bag, but the stuff inside included a bottle of bath salts (they will deplete completely because they dissolve), as well as a bag of specialty cookies.  Quade had the idea of including some type of teas in the bags so I made decorative boxes out of thin cardstock and we put flavored teas and relaxation teas inside the box and included this in the bag.  The flowers on the tops of the bags are simple tissue flowers - I already had the tissue paper.  You may be wondering why there are three bags - one for my mom, one for Quade's mom and one for Quade's step-mom.  We love them all and grateful we are blessed with three mommas!  

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