Friday, May 21, 2010

The Coop

Hey - we have finally finished the coop building!  We still need to put up the pen, but the little house is done!  We will have baby chicks in it tonight - so excited.  And, we only had to spend money on three pieces of siding - EVERYTHING else was either salvage or donated including the vinyl flooring my dear husband installed.  Beautiful old boards from a 50-year-old chicken coop made up the siding for the front of the coop, and the door is also from the vintage coop.  The 2 x 4s were donated from the folks housing their chickens in the coop, and the little boxes inside were also a donation.  We had friends donate windows and wire, as well.  We are truly blessed with people who are very giving.  So, thank you everyone that helped us out!  I have posted a pic for your viewing pleasure.  :)

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