Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summertime Fun

Yes - it's hot out, the humidity is rising and summer is upon us. We want to have fun like anybody else in the summer, but we have to stick to our shopping rules.  What can we do to have a great summer and not spend money on 'stuff'?  I saw an idea on a Facebook post by a friend named Lisa.  She was asking for suggestions for fun things to do within a day's drive of our town of Camden that is free or nearly free.  She received several ideas, which I think I shall employ.  Instead of spending money on toys, water sprinklers, and other 'junk' to occupy the kiddies in the heat, I think we would be better served by visiting some places in the area.  Most of these places have areas that are air conditioned or provide their own fun water source.  Not to mention, they might actually learn about something unique in the process.  One idea is a visit to local 'museums.'  There are several of these in the area.  If planned properly, at least 3 of these could be visited in a day's time. I'm not talking about big museums, mind you, but the smaller ones that focus on local culture and history.  I know of ones in Brownsville, Jackson and Milan - all free and air conditioned!  Other ideas might be a nearby water park.  These aren't terribly expensive but provide hours of enjoyment.  Our City Pool is very cheap entertainment, as well.  Of course, as I have mentioned many times, our library here in Benton County offers wonderful programs in a very cool setting.  It's too tempting to sit around and watch TV and play video games when the sun is high in the sky.  So, when it's too hot to send the kids out to play, get out and do a little exploring together - cheap exploring!  Other ideas for staying home and having fun coming soon.

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