Monday, June 7, 2010

Much Ado About Mulch

Here's one you might can use.  Do you have an over-abundance of trash at your house?  Do you like to eat fresh vegetables?  Do you want to contribute to recycling? Would you like a garden without weeds?  All of these things can be accomplished through the simple act of lasagna gardening.  What is it, you ask?  It's a method of layering (also called sheet composting) organic materials on a sunny spot in your yard.  These things will break down and create rich soil and you never have to break the dirt up to get started.  You will reduce the amount of trash you are taking to the landfill because a good deal of your garbage will go to the garden spot.  You won't have weeds in this garden because you will be covering the ground in materials such as cardboard and newspaper first and wet these down.  This will begin the process of killing out the grass and weeds underneath.  On top of this you add grass clippings, leaves, junk mail, tea bags, coffee grounds, fruit and vegetable scraps, etc.  Over time these things will "cook" in the sun, layered together, until the soil is just right for planting.  The idea is to actually 'layer' the brown stuff with green stuff.  I really love this idea, too, because we cannot go out and buy mulch.  In using this method of gardening, we are simply recycling the things around us that would normally go to waste, thereby creating our own mulch.  Keep in mind that any cardboard/paper products can be used in the garden such as snack boxes, used paper towels, used coffee filters, etc.  For more info on the subject and how you can apply it to your household, simple type in the words 'lasagna gardening' in any search engine (my preference is Google).  You will find a wealth of information on the subject.  And, thanks mom for turning me on to this idea!

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