Monday, June 7, 2010

Coming Clean

Confession time - we have made a couple purchases we were not supposed to make - We bought badminton rackets for a Sunday School Party and we bought sandals for our boy Kelby.  He was down to one good pair of tennis shoes and his play boots and that was it for shoes.  The other item we bought was 2-3 sheets of plywood for the chicken coop.  So, yes we have found that there are moments when the rules may get broken, but we are back on track and sticking to our guns for the long haul.  The sandals I got for Christmas have torn and unless I can repair them myself, they won't be replaced.  Our socks are beginning to look a little worn, so I will need to break out the needle and thread for those.  And, my vacuum cleaner just quit working out of the blue - every, Every, EVERY attempt will be made to fix it. 

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