Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What a Deal

I mentioned in a much earlier post that we wanted to cancel our Dish Satellite to save money.  Then I found out we were still under contract and couldn't cancel it. Recently, however, the contract was up so we planned on making a big change.  We signed up for Netflix at $8.99 a month, which we LOVE.  We do get shows streaming through our Wii system.  Although they may not be this season's latest programs, there are still so many shows and movies to choose from that it is worth the bargain price all the way!  Well, I called Dish to cancel and they tried offering me other deals, especially after I told them what we were switching to and how that price couldn't be beat.  They then made me a deal I couldn't refuse and now we are getting a handful of stations, including local news and a few popular cable programs, and we are keeping Netflix.  We were spending around $40 a month plus paying for Redbox rentals from time to time. Our expenditure for this form of entertainment has now been cut in half.  If we decide we no longer want to continue with Dish, though, we can still cancel it.  The main reason I have for even wanting to keep Dish (which I think is a good company) is for the local channels when there is bad weather. Otherwise, I can live without paying for regular television.  Unfortunately, where we live does not allow us to get any digital programming, even with a digital television and the converter box.  The offer by Dish was a really good one and it tells me that Dish is trying to keep its customers, which I appreciate. 

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